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Better Marketing Concepts, LLC

Jim Johnson

founder and CEO of Better Marketing Concepts, LLC is supported by some of the best International business consultants in the world. His travels and associations world wide have created and maintained strong relationships with powerful people in both the corporate and political worlds.



Marketing is endless in the Caribbean  

The market for businesses today is global. The proven way to remain successful in business is to increase revenue and decrease expenses. Most firms have downsized to the limit. Better Marketing Concepts,LLC is available to review your present Advertising Budget and determine the true results of your dollars spent. We customize each program for each client. We identify better ways to market your products or service to new clients worldwide.

Left to right, Jim Johnson joins Dr.Alfred Parks, Director of Agriculture Research @ PVAMU, Honorable Oliver D.Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, and Ron Leverett, former Mayor of Prairie View,TX

P. O. Box 224 • Chappell Hill, TX 77426   •    P.O. Box 201986, Austin, TX  78720-1986    •    832-746-8274

Jim Johnson with
the Honorable Said Musa,

former Prime Minister of BELIZE


Better Marketing Concepts, LLC has a unique approach, working with small and large firms, each program is customized. After spending more than 25 years working in corporate America representing firms as International Telephone & Telegraph, Aramco Services Company, Texaco, and The Anheuser Bush Companies, Jim understands and can act on business needs in a variety of industries.

Jim knows how to make your company  #1 in the world.

He also knows how to analyze your firm and connect you with a new client or opportunity in America or nearly
anywhere on this planet.

The market today is International.

Jim and his associates
think globally.

 You can too!


Jim with Dr. George C Wright
& Rev. Bill Lawson

Dr. George C Wright, Jim Johnson
and Dr. John Rudley

Sylvester Turner, Mayor of  Houston, Texas and Jim Jackson

Jim with former
Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco

Jim with Harry LaRosiliere,  Mayor of Plano, Texas